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I never really understood what ‘infertility’ meant until it happened to us.  Growing up, I always assumed when you wanted to get pregnant, you would try a few months and everything would be great, however that is not the case or reality for a lot of people I quickly learned.  After trying for a few months on our own, we suffered a miscarriage (something that never even crossed my mind would happen when we got that positive pregnancy test). We went from such highs to such lows in a short period of time. A little after our miscarriage, we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Finding out something was wrong but not sure what was heartbreaking (there was no way to fix it since we didn’t know what was wrong). Through the heartbreak, we continued to try to create the family we so much longed for. We did numerous tests and rounds of clomid but still were having no luck.  Our doctor recommended we come to the The Fertility  Center to learn about our next steps. I was terrified; I didn’t want to admit something was wrong and we weren’t having luck on our own. From our first consultation, we knew things were finally going to get better.  We chose to try IUI to see if somehow that would help us and to our surprise it did (…and on the first round)! Every appointment and every time we stepped foot in the door, it always felt warm and calming. This journey is not one that you plan on and to know every face behind that desk is rooting for you and wants to help (…even if it’s just with a simple smile) is simply amazing. We couldn’t have done it without you guys and we are forever grateful.